Banana Commentary Week Ending 6 3 2011

MP9003140141 300x196 Banana Commentary Week Ending 6 3 2011The dollar improved this week against bananas, the movement was very slight but enough to catch the interest of our in-house expert, The Big Banana.  “I am very glad to see even a slight improvement” said the big guy, “the economy of the entire world depends on the stability and affordability of the price of this commodity.” 

There was speculation that the Weekly Jobless Claims Report in the US would have a negative impact on the situation because the consensus of 415K was off by 7K, Not good!

We asked The Big Banana what to expect next week and he replied, “That is a slippery question, it is hard to predict the production of herbaceous plants.  We hope they continue to flower as much as they did last week.  Insects continue to plague them to the point of catstrophy yet they keep on producing.” 

The staff had no idea what he was talking about.

6 3 111 Banana Commentary Week Ending 6 3 2011

Slippery Stuff

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