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The Banana Index – Louisville

Ape 150x150 The Banana Index   Louisville
The Big Banana

6/2/11 4:11 pm   

Banana Spot Price  .0325  per ounce

This page will be dedicated to general information, the weekly commentary will be posted separately.

Commentary for week ending:




My apologies for the blog entry on Wednesday, I mistakenly reported a major slip in the dollar against bananas. Please forgive me, tracking this data is a very slippery undertaking.  Sometimes you must peel away several layers to get to the truth.

On Wednesday I searched online for as many prices as I could find locally and the cheapest was published in my blog.  The report caused a lot of concern from many sectors because it incorrectly showed a jump of 11.54% in a single week.

So imagine my discomfort when later in the day I visited the physical store and the first thing I saw was a big sign showing the price of bananas at .33 instead of the reported .58.

The original chart looked like this:


5 13 119 The Banana Index   Louisville


The revised chart is:

Revised 5 13 11 The Banana Index   Louisville


As you can see the dollar actually improved 36.54% against the banana this week in Louisville.

Here is what happened Wednesday.  The cheapest price I could find was on a major retailer’s online shopping service.  It appeared to be a local store because I searched by zip code.  But it was not local, it is a Beta Site for a small area in California.  Whew!

You all in California realize your bananas cost is almost double what they are in Louisville Kentucky?  Looks like slipping off in to the ocean is not your only problem.  But look at the bright side, at those prices it is doubtful you will be slipping on a banana peel anytime in the near future.

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