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We Finance Condos

We provide financing for condos offering conventional, FHA, VA and KHC mortgages.  The projects must be approved by either Fannie Mae or FHA.  Currently (2/25/12) there are no condo projects located in Kentucky on the Fannie Mae approved list.  This is understandable because of the expense of submitting a property using the Project Eligibility Review Service.  The initial application review fee is $1,200 plus $30 for each unit in the project or phase up to a maximum of $15,000.  The fee is nonrefundable even if the project is declined.  If the project meets the required standards the approval is only valid for one year.  It is no wonder the approved list for Kentucky is blank.

We use the other Fannie Mae option called Condo Project Manager at no cost to the borrower or HOA.

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