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This section contains part of the resources mentioned in my book Selling the Invisible House.  It will always be Under Construction.

Underwriting Guidelines

For those that want to dig in deep I will lay out the mortgage underwriting guidelines in plain English.  Some of the material will be very specific and strange to someone not involved in the industry.  Please let me know if  you run across something that is hard to understand.




Kentucky Housing




Safety First

Safety First, it is always a good idea to establish safety procedures whenever dealing with the public.  This booklet was published as a cooperative venture between the Kentucky Association of REALTORS® (KAR) and the Kentucky Real Estate Commission (Commission).

Safety Guide


What is a Condominium? Condos are a form of ownership where the Homeowners Association (HOA) owns the land and all of the improvements including but not limited to the buildings.  The home owner has title to the inside of a unit, sometimes referred to as being from paint-to-paint meaning they own everything from the paint on …

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Conventional Mortgage Guidelines

Index for Conventional Mortgage Guidelines This section will break down the conventional mortgage underwriting guidelines.  The topics for Conventional underwriting are: AUS or Automated Underwriting Systems Borrower Information Credit Income Ratios Assets Property Occupancy Insurance Appraisals Eligible Transactions Program Description DU Refi Plus  

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Legal Credit Repair

Credit Repair or Mortgage Fraud? Traditional credit repair in order to be approved for a mortgage is usually fraud.  Most credit repair companies tell their customers to dispute everything on their credit report that is negative.  They quote a federal law that protects the consumer by placing the burden of proof on the creditor not …

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Monthly Budget

Freddie Mac’s Monthly Budget This is a landing page for access to the monthly budget form provided courtesy of Freddie Mac. If you use this form I strongly recommend starting on page three.  You will find a few lines from the bottom a place for savings. You work hard for the money so pay yourself …

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The Banana Index – Louisville

The Big Banana 6/2/11 4:11 pm    Banana Spot Price  .0325  per ounce This page will be dedicated to general information, the weekly commentary will be posted separately. Commentary for week ending: 6/3/2011 5/27/2011 5/20/2011 My apologies for the blog entry on Wednesday, I mistakenly reported a major slip in the dollar against bananas. Please forgive me, …

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A Amenity: A feature of a home or property that benefits the buyer but that is not necessary to its use; may be natural like a great view or man-made like a fireplace Amortization: The repayment of a mortgage loan by making monthly payments of principal and interest. The monthly payment is based on a …

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