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Open House

Rarely does one open house sell a home, however, the odds increase dramatically when there are viewing opportunities on numerous occasions.  I AM NOT suggesting your Realtor® needs to hold multiple open houses on your listing.    

No matter how good your Realtor® is he or she can not be in two places at once.  I assume you have a Realtor®, if not I know several very good ones.  In all the years I have been in the business I have never attended a closing that did not have at least one realtor involved.  A buddy of mine that is a partner in one of the largest real estate closing firms in town told me the same thing.  

Back to the subject, your Realtor® can not hold open your home every weekend during the listing period.  If they can, you may have the wrong Realtor®.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with holding it open yourself.  Chill out a second, keep reading.  If you have read the other sections on this site for sellers then you know I am all about working together (even with the buyer) to help achieve your goal.  Everyone needs to pull together in today’s real estate climate. 

If you do not have plans Saturday afternoon, stick out the open house sign, some directional signs and bake some cookies.  Sunday afternoon is also good.  There is no rule that says you can not hold it open every weekend until it is sold.   If this sounds weird then it must be a good idea.  The goal is to stand out.  I worked with one builder that left his homes unlocked 24/7.  Anyone could walk in anytime day or night.  

It is important to work closely with your Realtor® to develop an overall strategy that will dramatically increase the odds of successfully selling the home.  Be prepared, think it through and create a selling posture.  If your home is priced right, in good repair and ready to market, then get going. 

I have always been amazed at the crazy relationship between some sellers and their Realtor®.  The majority of sellers believe the Realtor® is supposed to do everything, like an indentured servant.  One Realtor® told me a seller called her because the yard sign blew over and she wanted her to come right over and stick it back in the ground.  I mean really.   

Work with your Realtor®, not against them.  Their time is better spent fielding calls on your property, setting up appointments, getting feedback and so on, the money making stuff.  The really, really important stuff they do you never even realize when it is being done.  Like keeping the deal from falling apart after a buyer is found.  You have no idea how much hand holding is done on both sides.   

If your Realtor® holds one open house and has 10 prospects show up how does that stack up with Saturday and Sunday 5 weekends in a row?  The same response rate would uncover 100 prospects vs 10.  What would happen if you threw in to the mix a weekday afternoon or evening?  Am I saying you need to sell the house yourself?  No way!   You should have seen a sales contract I saw this afternoon prepared by a seller without the help of a Realtor®.  No way will it fly; I passed on the loan instantly. 

What I am suggesting is that if you are going to be home anyway, why not have an open house.  Anytime you are going to be home for a couple of hours, open her up.  

Be ready, keep a stack of flyers on the kitchen counter prepared by your Realtor®.  Have a sign in sheet and meet the buyers at the door with it in hand.  If they will not give you their contact information, do not let them see your home.  Every time I say something that sounds odd it means it is right.  You want to stand out from the crowd.  

I already have sign in sheets prepared, and if you fax them over to me after an open house I will call everyone on the list and ask how they liked your home.  I will attempt to get them to take The First Step towards buying your home.  You will get valuable feedback every time.  If two or three people mention the same thing we need to look at the problem.    

If you are using The Irresistible Offer as your key marketing tool there is nothing to fear about chatting directly with a prospect.  Just be polite and let them know your Realtor® will get in touch if they want to talk price or have questions about the home.  If they want financing details, you will have your lender get in touch with them as soon as possible, get a daytime number.

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