For Sellers

The Mortgage Hub contains as much information for sellers as it does for buyers.  Most of the time sellers turn in to buyers right after they sell their existing home. There are several tools you can use that will help get from point A to point B quicker and with less stress:

And perhaps the best of all The Transparent System.

Pre-Qualify Yourself

The mortgage industry has changed a great deal in recent years.  Do not take anything for granted, even the financing for your next home.  I recently received an application from a couple that had just signed contracts to sell their existing home and purchase another one.  They never dreamed they would not qualify for a …

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The Golden Rule

Homes are sold based on market values.  Sellers that believe their home is worth way more than similar ones in the area are dreaming.  Buyers do consider countless variables when shopping for a home.  However, some where way back in their brain there is a space/price function that may not even be in their awareness. …

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The Irresistible Offer

Here is the short version for the sellers that only want the high points.  Comparable sales in our market do not define seller contributions towards the buyer’s closing cost and/or pre-paid items.  By pre-arranging financing the home becomes much more affordable and will attract more prospects.  There are no upfront costs involved to use The …

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Open House

Rarely does one open house sell a home, however, the odds increase dramatically when there are viewing opportunities on numerous occasions.  I AM NOT suggesting your Realtor® needs to hold multiple open houses on your listing.     No matter how good your Realtor® is he or she can not be in two places at once.  I …

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Stop Being a Seller – Trade

Everyone believes their situation is unique, that is true, we are all unique in some way.  But when it comes to real estate the transactions are all very similar.  I have had tens of thousands of conversations with sellers.  Every single one of them have the exact same outlook about selling their home. They want …

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The Transparent System

The Transparent System is a method I have developed over the years that keeps the parties informed on the progress of a loan application. It was originally set up to hold me accountable.  What I soon discovered is that it held everyone on the distribution list accountable as well. It is impossible to pass the …

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