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Doing it correctly from the beginning is the Quick & Easy way to finance a home.  It is also the least expensive path to home ownership and can save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

There are four distinct parts to a mortgage loan application:

1. Credit
2. Capacity
3. Cash-to-close
4. Collateral

If you cross off the first three on the list before buying a home it will stream line the process.  By carefully evaluating all three of the first steps your loan officer can point out different options that can save money. 

It is important to check your credit report as soon as possible in the process.  I have seen many buyers blindsided by their credit report.  Do not waste time and money trying to get a copy of your credit report.  The ones you can purchase online are not as detailed as the ones required by lenders. 

Call me and we will order one over the phone that can be used in the process.  After we have a copy, I dissect it to see if there is anything that is a problem.  This service could save you a ton of money if we find a minor issue before the process actually begins.  One point on a credit score could make or break a deal.

My direct line at the office is (502) 753-4127.

Jim Simms

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