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Prequalify for Financing

For Properties Located in Kentucky Only

There is no cost or obligation to prequalify for a mortgage with me.  Some lenders charge for credit reports, an application fee or some other up front charge. 

I do not charge for any of these nor do I pressure anyone to do anything. My policy for helping you take the first step is no cost or obligation, the same way I would want to be treated.


There are three ways to be Prequalified

1.  Online

2.  Complete a form and send it in

3.  Over the phone

Choose which ever method is easiest for you.

The Online method can be done 24/7 if you prefer this option the following link will take you to my application site and click on the link under my picture, Apply Online.

If you prefer to complete a form and send it in Here’s The Form.

If you would like to give me the basic information over the phone I am usually available during normal office hours Monday through Friday, (502) 753-4127.

 If you are outside the Louisville Calling area my toll free number is (877) 485-0155 x 1127.


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