Home Inspection

After locking in the interest rate it is time to arrange a home inspection. Your Realtor will know an inspector that is trust worthy.  Some Buyers insist on finding their own inspector, nothing wrong with that but it usually isn’t necessary.  An experienced Realtor has worked with more than a few good inspectors.  Here is something NO ONE will talk about; the most aggressive home inspectors spin their severe descriptions as protecting the Buyer.  Terrifying a Buyer out of buying a perfectly good home is not protecting, it is double billing.  The Buyer is going to need another inspection report on the next home they buy after deep sixing the first deal.  I have seen this happen more than once.  I would lean on the Realtor’s advice to help me get a solid report that helps determine the quality of the homes components.

Lenders do not require a home inspection in Kentucky.  But I highly recommend that all of my clients get a home inspection.