Credit Reports

 Understanding Credit Reports

This section covers everything you need to know about your credit report and the role it plays in the mortgage application process.  I have personally reviewed more than ten thousand credit reports over the years and have learned a lot about these bad boys.

The section is divided in to many pages so you can focus on the part that is relevant to what you need.

What is a Credit Report?

What is a Credit Score?

Why are Credit Scores Important?

Legal Credit Repair

This is an ongoing project under construction, please check back soon. Pages under construction include:



Establishing or Re-Establishing Credit


What is a Credit Report?

Good Question – What is a Credit Report? There are many forms of credit reports.  Each format contains different types of information and vary in depth and content.  A merchant issuing a $300 store credit card does not need as much information as a mortgage company that is reviewing an application for $300,000. A mortgage …

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Why Are Credit Scores Important?

Credit scores are used by most lenders to evaluate risk.  Interest rates on loans include a rate of return for the lender based on risk.  The higher your credit score the lower the risk for the lender so people with high scores are offered lower interest rates and other reduced fees like closing costs on …

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Fico Credit Score Chart

What is a Credit Score?

A credit score is a number that predicts how an individual is likely to repay a debt.  This site exists for people living or moving to Kentucky, those of you that are native to the state will probably understand odds.  That is exactly what a credit score is, the odds that an individual will pay …

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Sample From Rate Sheet


This week I was able to show a client how to bump their credit score by 47 points.  This is incredible because they did not need to do anything illegal like disputing accurate negative entries on their credit report.  Two simple moves bumped them to the top credit tier.  The figures below are the scores …

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