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Oct 03

Mortgage Helpful Hint #2

Mortgage Application and Cash Deposits

I would take cash in a brown paper bag, but the Feds won’t allow that in a real estate transaction involving a mortgage.  I want this to be as easy for you as possible so this Helpful Hint tries to unravel the mystery behind sourcing funds needed to close the deal.

We must verify were EVERY PENNY comes from used to close a transaction.

Money used for Down Payment, Closing Costs and setting up the Escrow Account MUST be sourced.  It cannot fall from the sky!

Do not deposit anything in your bank accounts without support documentation!!!


Cash is very difficult to source!  So are transfers from one account to another if we do not have copies of both accounts.  Every online transfer must show the money being taken from one account and going into the other.  Try NOT to have a bunch of transfers back and forth, the less activity the easier it is to sort out and understand.  If you can’t explain it to me then I can’t explain it to the underwriter…

Best practice is discuss it before doing it, call me BEFORE making a deposit that doesn’t come from regular payroll deposits.  Most banking transactions are very easy to document on the front end, not so much after they completed, especially if they documented incorrectly.

Keep copies of everything.  Checks, bank statements, pay stubs, deposit slips, anything that involves money, keep a copy!  Get a file folder or large envelope and keep everything like this in one place.  The underwriter is going to ask for a copy of SOMETHING.

My goal in sharing these Helpful Hints is to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Oct 02

Mortgage Helpful Hint #1

Mortgage Pre-Approval Stage

A Pre-Approval Letter is worthless if it isn’t backed up with the proper support documents!

Making a mistake during this stage can be time consuming and very costly because home inspections, termite inspections and appraisals are expensive. 

Take the time to gather all of the support documents needed to properly decision the pre-approval.  Underwriters are not allowed to clear loans to close without support documentation in the file. This issue delays the process more than all other issues combined and makes it very stressful for the borrower. I address this on the front end which eliminates most of the stress!

 Everything Takes Time

Every line on every document must be reviewed by 3 people before the loan can close so it takes time to get a document processed.  The faster you submit the support documents the faster it will move along.  The closing timeline will push back at least one day if something is missing.  If multiple items are missing it pushes back the time line until after the last item is submitted and reviewed by all 3 people.  ONE missing document is almost as bad as no documents at all. 

Here is a list of what is needed to properly decision most loans:

 1. W2’s & Federal Tax Returns for the most recent 2 years for everyone on the loan, 3 years if using a KHC Mortgage.

2. Pay Stubs covering 1 month.

3. Most recent two months of (bank) statements for any account you intend to list on the application. We need all of the pages, not just the summary page. If the statement says Page 1 of 5 on the first page we need all 5 pages, even if the last one is blank. Hint: do not leave off any accounts, the automated system counts funds even if not used as down payment, so include retirement, 401k, IRA’s etc.

4. A copy of the sales contract if you already have one, if you are selling a home we will also need a copy of the contract on the one you are selling.

 Self Employed – For borrowers that are self employed or own more than 25% of the company they work for we will need all of the items above plus:

 1.Year-to-date earnings

2. Two years corporate tax returns

3. Year-to-Date Corporate Profit & Loss

 Divorce – If anyone that is going to be on the loan is paying or receiving child support or

alimony we will need a copy of the divorce decree and property settlement agreement.

 Bankruptcy – If anyone that is going to be on the loan has filed bankruptcy within the

previous 7 years we will need:

 • Discharge of bankruptcy

• Schedule of creditors (secured or unsecured)

• Detailed explanation from the borrower (I help with this)


Fax the Support Documents to: (502) 753-4727 (No cover sheet needed).

Or scan and email them to: JSimms @

My goal in sharing these Helpful Hints is to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Doing it the right way from the beginning is only way to make this happen.  One missing page on one document stops the process, take time to gather all of the pages on the front end.

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