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Jun 30

Back to Work!

Hey everyone, sorry it has been so long, I have been very sick.  Shingles on my face were initially diagnosed as a staff infection and did not react well to the wrong medication.  It looked like someone tried to split open my head with an axe.  On the couple of occasions Debbie dragged me out in public I frightened little kids. 

We did not go out until I was no longer contagious but still looked scary enough to cause people to give me plenty of room.  We were in the mall during a big sale and I had absolutely no trouble looking at stuff, everyone moved out of my way, HAHAHA.

 Looked like I was dropped out of the back of a speeding truck. 

For the fist week I couldn’t see to type or drive around, both eyes were swollen shut.  Next, because it was all around my right eye they sent me to specialist to check it out, discovered needed a little laser work in both eyes. 

 Shingles, eye surgery on both eyes, been a rough month, good bye June, hello July.  Speaking of July, next month has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. That doesn’t happen very often, once every 823 years I am told.  

 Joined a gym and got a trainer, haven’t missed a day so far, thought I was going to go lame the first week but in the groove now!

May 25

Churchill Downs Spring Meet 2011

We went to the track Sunday.  It was our first trip out this meet.  Attendance was light which I appreciate because I do not like large crowds.  It threatened to rain all afternoon which may have kept some people away.  But the storms passed on the south side of the track just close enough to cool things off.  All things considered it was a pleasant afternoon.

2011 05 22 001612 300x200 Churchill Downs Spring Meet 2011


Deb didn’t cash a ticket and I only hit one exacta but it was good enough to send us home winners.  We saw Calvin Borel hit the winner’s circle but both of us had him

2011 05 22 001549 300x200 Churchill Downs Spring Meet 2011

Let's do it

boxed with a wrong choice for second place.

2011 05 22 001592 300x200 Churchill Downs Spring Meet 2011


May 07

Derby Fever, Louisville Kentucky 2011

It is Derby Day, a yet undeclared world holiday.  There should be peace everywhere today.  I am sitting in the car downtown parked on 1st Street while Deb is showing a house.  The people on the street are migrating south towards the track and that is a long walk from here!  Watch out for that bus!

 Neither of us caught Derby fever this year.  We went year before last so I may be immune for a couple more years.

 We will go out sometime next week after all of the tourists go home.  Both airports are covered with private planes and jets parked all over the place.  If you ever wanted to steal a plane last night would’ve been the best time slot.  Plan ahead, next year on Friday during the Oaks!

Balloon Glow

We did go to the Balloon Glow a few nights ago.  They held it at Bowman Field this year, Louisville’s smaller airport.  What a mess!

Balloon Glow 150x150 Derby Fever, Louisville Kentucky 2011It was set up on one of the runways in the middle of a grassy field.  Getting there was a nightmare, traffic was backed up in all directions.  There must have been a 100,000 kids running around in the dark.  The beer was flowing and I think the parents were drinking too.  I bet you hundreds of parents went home with the wrong kids and had to swap them out the next morning.  There is no way that many kids running around in the dark found their way back to their own parents.

I captured a shot of the Bunny balloon with the fire shooting up inside, you can’t tell if it was going in or out, a lot of people just stood around watching that one, HAHAHA.