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Be My Guest – Just for Authors

I Welcome Guest Authors.

Consider this an invitation to publish articles on this site.  It is easy to do, first register as a user.

Next, shoot an email, send it to jim@jamessimms.com containing your user name and I will upgrade your status to Contributor.   Once you receive my confirmation email log in and write your first post. Looking forward to reading your first post,

Jim Simms

Reasons for Submitting an Article

Of course the number one reason is a live link back to your site.  Another good reason is I will promote your post to thousands through my social network.  Plugging in that channel along with other marketing efforts has increased traffic to this site by 2,000% over the past month.

Then there is the selfish reason, I want to get to know you better.  If you are interested in being my guest then we probably have something in common and I want to discover the common ground.

Subject Matter

 Keep in mind this blog is about real estate and the financing of homes.  In the future I will not publish articles that are not relevant to the general subject line.

Sample topics:

Real Estate
Real estate marketing tips
Mortgage financing
Real estate taxes
Interior design
Property maintenance
Topics related to home ownership