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Jim Simms

Jim Simms, a native of Louisville grew up in the real estate business.  Both of his parents were Realtors.  He owned a home before he was of age.  He was one of the first 18 year olds licensed to sell real estate by the State of Kentucky.

Jim has served as a zoning commissioner, past president of The Kentucky Real Estate Exchangors, also served as that organization’s treasurer.  He has often been a guest speaker on a local and regional basis.  Developed real estate, built homes and represented many corporate clients including rail roads, national developers, retail and industrial organizations.

In 1991 Jim began originating mortgage loans for Norwest Mortgage and quickly received national awards often ranking in the top 5% on a national basis.  Norwest later bought Wells Fargo in a stock merger and he continued to work for the combined organization for many more years.

He now works for a locally owned privately held mortgage company that is the largest retail mortgage institution based in Kentucky.

He is an expert in buying, selling, financing and trading real estate.  Jim has also worked closely with many home builders, financing their finished products.

He is a world traveler, voracious reader, writer, artist, and photographer.

He is bi-lingual, fluent not only in his native southern drawl but also mortgage mumbo jumbo.

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