Nov 08

Update to Buyer Resource Center

Updating the Buyer’s Mortgage Application Resources

There have been many changes in the last couple of years in the area of processing a mortgage loan.  It seems the mortgage industry is in a constant state of change. I thought it would be a good idea to start from the beginning and track a few applications comparing them to the information on this site.

Seems like some of the stuff I wrote not long ago is already out of date.  Going to be updating everything over the next few months, bear with me, it will be worth it.

The biggest problems recently all seem to be focused around credit reports and support documents. Home buyers that need a mortgage to complete the purchase are having a difficult time gathering the right support documents, or their docs contain information that is a problem.  I am going to break down every document and whenever a problem pops up will explain it here.

The Start Page for the Buyer is Located here. –>

The Steps are under construction but the beginning is here. –>  

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