Nov 19

Revised the Legal Credit Repair Guide

Very tricky undertaking tonight, worked all weekend trying to figure out how to shrink the size of the Legal Credit Repair Guide and get the hyperlinks to work in a pdf file format.  For some reason the PowerPoint software made the file grow instead of shrinking it like it was supposed to do and all of the links were dead.

Had a brainstorm while in the gym this morning, looks like it worked! 

Deleted all of the links and printed all of the slides in a PNG format, then pasted all of them back into a blank PowerPoint.  Next, added the URL versions of the links, and then saved the file as a pdf.  It worked, the size cut down to nothing, the quality is high, well high enough. And all of the links worked on my computer at least.  Shot off a copy to my technical guru to see if he approves. 


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