Mar 25

Legal Credit Repair with CreditXpert™

Everyone that knows me professionally is aware of my opinion of the credit repair industry.  It is my belief these guys are the root of the mortgage meltdown. These guys call frequently asking for my turndowns, loan applicants that have had an application rejected. 

Traditional credit repair is based on lying about what is contained in the client’s credit report.  They instruct the client to dispute everything on the report that is negative in nature, even if the information is correct.  These snake salesmen attack the soft underbelly of the credit industry.  Federal laws place the responsibility on the credit grantor to prove the information is correct.  And the timeline to answer a dispute from a creditor is very short.

The credit repair guys know if you dispute everything some of the credit grantors will not respond or may even be out of business and therefore unable to respond.  It’s a numbers game, dispute everything and some of it will go away making the client’s credit score improve.

The only problem with this tactic is it isn’t legal.  If the client knows they were late on a payment and lies about it by disputing the information in order to be approved for a mortgage then it is fraud.  And mortgage fraud is a very, very serious crime. 

I order all of the credit reports for my loan applicants from CBCInnovis.  They recently hosted a seminar for my company and introduced us to a legal alternative to credit repair called CreditXpert™.  What a fantastic product!

It is a web-based software program that reviews an individual’s credit report and makes suggestions of what can be done to increase the credit score.  It is common knowledge that when credit cards are maxed out the credit scores will plummet.  CreditXpert™ will not only make suggestions, it estimates how much each action will add to the credit score.  It doesn’t suggest doing anything wrong, it just fine tunes the debt structure to maximize the credit score using the same matrix used by the credit bureaus.

Buying a property in Kentucky and want to use  CreditXpert™? Visit my online application site or printand use this simple form to get started. If you prefer we can do it over the phone, call my direct line during normal office hours, (502) 753-4127.

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